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Christmas Laser Tag?!

The Kiwanis Club of Penticton is thrilled to be partnering with the Penticton Secondary School Dry Grad Committee and Orbis Sports to present Nightmare at The North Pole; a Special Ops Holiday Adventure, hosted by the Penticton Safety Village.

This Christmas Dry Grad Fundraiser will see the Penticton Safety Village transformed into The North Pole from December 21st until 28th, closed on December 25th. Penticton Secondary Grads will be scattered throughout the village as Elves and other Christmas characters. Attendees will enter the village and work their way through a maze of Holiday obstacles to protect Santa’s workshop in the ultimate game of laser tag!

The idea for the event came from Katie Weitz; the organizer of the Penticton Trick or Treat Cycle-Path that just saw over 300 children come through the Penticton Safety Village for Halloween. She is a member of the Kiwanis Club of Penticton and co-chairing this year’s Penticton Secondary Dry Grad Committee. Orbis Sports will be a vendor at the Penticton Secondary Dry Grad event in June 2023, and she was looking for new ways for the grads to actively raise funds.

Katie and Brent, from Orbis Sport, had briefly connected before Halloween about Orbis Sports supplying entertainment for the 2023 Penticton Secondary School Dry Grad Celebrations. With both parties in the midst of planning Halloween events, they agreed to reconnect early in November. During that first phone call they discussed how Dry Grad would work with Orbis Sports providing activities, including their Bubble Sports which are known also as Zorb Balls, as well as Archery Tag (think Dodge Ball Rules with foamed tipped Arrows) and their state of the art Laser Tag technology. Orbis Sports work with a company from Wiconson called Battle Company, who make the most technologically advanced Laser Tag equipment available. At the end of that call Brent mentioned to Katie that they would love to help the Grads raise funds to help pay for their services. It didn’t take Katie long to figure out how the two organizations could work together in a fundraising program; she emailed back with “how about a Christmas themed laser tag event at the Safety Village?".

That was all Brent needed to start running with an idea that would turn into the newly named “Nightmare at the North Pole, A Special Ops Holiday Adventure”. Don't worry families with children, it’s not a scary nightmare, but rather the nightmare is that Christmas is in jeopardy after the North Pole was taken over by evil elves from the South Pole! The South Pole Elves are fed up with their relatives from the North getting all the attention, so they have captured the North Pole compound and we need your help! We are calling on you and your team of special forces elves as our last line of defense. We have an armory bursting with weapons for you to choose from, and you will need all of them if you have any chance of rescuing the Claus’ and Saving Christmas!

The game will be run over the course of seven days, in both daylight and night. Over 1,000 tickets are anticipated to be sold to the event, and over 100 volunteers to participate. For each ticket sold, Penticton Secondary Dry Grad will receive $5.00 to put towards the Entertainment portion of the Dry Grad evening in June 2023. Participants can also receive $5 off each ticket if they bring a food donation to the event, which will be collected for the Purple Pantry and Fill the Food Gap Penticton. Get your tickets now HERE!

The Kiwanis Club of Penticton is now looking for support in transforming the Safety Village. They will need hundreds of Christmas lights and decorations as well as materials to create a holiday maze of obstacles. Special thanks to Schoenne Homes for committing to finding a 12-foot Christmas tree as well as building barricades. Sponsorship support can be made in both a cash donation that will be used to purchase the needed items or in the donation of items as an in-kind sponsor. They will also be looking for assistance to build the barricades and some of the decorations. If you would like to help, please email us at


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